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Assessing the MONALISA 2.0 concept establishment of the European Maritime Simulation Network

: John, Ole; Burmeister, Hans-Christoph; Brödje, Anders; Bornhorst, Claus; Grube, Christian

Müller, R. ; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ortung und Navigation -DGON-:
International Symposium "Information on Ships", ISIS 2014. Proceedings : Hamburg, Germany, 04 - 05 September 2014, Integrated Ship's Information Systems
Bonn: DGON, 2014
International Symposium "Information on Ships" (ISIS) <10, 2014, Hamburg>
Fraunhofer IML ()
Sea Traffic Management; Ship Handling Simulation; Formal Safety Assessment; European Maritime Simulation Network

This paper describes the framework and purpose of the European Maritime Simulation Network (EMSN) a joint network of different ship handling simulation centers, primarily established as a trial area for the Sea Traffic Management (STM) concept within the MONALISA 2.0 project. It will briefly outline the STM concept and its derived validation demands, followed by the specification of technical framework and organisation of the EMSN. Including the test-set up for the MONALISA 2 0 demands. Subsequently the potentials of this macro simulation environment to assess safety and efficiency effects of further traffic management procedures are stressed out.