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Electronic nose for toxic gas detection based on photostimulated core-shell nanowires

: Wongchoosuk, C.; Subannajui, K.; Wang, C.; Yang, Y.; Güder, F.; Kerdcharoen, T.; Cimalla, V.; Zacharias, M.


RSC Advances 4 (2014), Nr.66, S.35084-35088
ISSN: 2046-2069
Fraunhofer IAF ()

A novel fabrication of microelectronic nose based on ZnO nanowires and ZnO surface modifications including ZnO-ZnAl(2)O(4) core-shell nanowires and ZnO-Zn(2)TiO(4) core-shell nanowires gas-sensing elements operated at room temperature is reported. By combining vapor-phase transport processes and atomic layer deposition techniques, highly homogeneous core-shell nanowires structures can be successfully obtained on large scale areas. Under ultraviolet illumination of the specific oxide surfaces, photo-stimulated oxygen species ((O(2)(-))(ads)) respond to and dominate the gas sensing mechanism of the core-shell nanowires at room temperature. Principal component analysis results show the perfect discrimination of gases including toxic gases and non-toxic gases. This novel device can be used to identify both gas types with concentrations in the ppb level at room temperature.