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Flexible and user-oriented development of haptic management simulation games in maritime container logistics

: Bergmann, Johann

Duke, Richard W. (Hrsg.):
Back to the future of gaming
Bielefeld: Bertelsmann, 2014
ISBN: 978-3-7639-5425-4
ISBN: 3-7639-5425-2
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Fraunhofer IML ()
management simulation game; game development; logistics; maritime; v-model

Management simulation games as an experience-oriented methodology for competence transfer will be used in different areas. However, the lack of management games meeting present requirements such as learning objectives, number of participants, time frame etc. often prevents education staff from using this effective method.
The present paper suggests a methodology for elaborating a tool in the form of a guideline which structures and eases the management simulation game development process. A management simulation game developed according to the guideline is supposed to consider situation-specific aspects which approaches to a "tailor-made" product. The desired guideline focuses on the development of haptic management simulation games and uses the example of maritime container logistics as a suited application area.