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Focus on quantum efficiency. Editorial

: Buchleitner, A.; Burghardt, I.; Cheng, Y.C.; Scholes, G.D.; Schwarz, U.T.; Weber-Bargioni, A.; Wellens, T.

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New journal of physics. Online journal 16 (2014), Art. 105021, 4 S.
ISSN: 1367-2630
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light energy conversion; Quantum transport; open quantum system; light-harvesting network; excitation transport; semiconductor

Technologies which convert light into energy, and vice versa, rely on complex, microscopic transport processes in the condensed phase, which obey the laws of quantum mechanics, but hitherto lack systematic analysis and modeling. Given our much improved understanding of multicomponent, disordered, highly structured, open quantum systems, this 'focus on' collection collects cutting-edge research on theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum transport in truly complex systems as defined, e.g., by the macromolecular functional complexes at the heart of photosynthesis, by organic quantum wires, or even photovoltaic devices. To what extent microscopic quantum coherence effects can (be made to) impact on macroscopic transport behavior is an equally challenging and controversial question, and this 'focus on' collection provides a setting for the present state of affairs, as well as for the 'quantum opportunities' on the horizon.