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Smart materials for automotive and aircraft design. Materials, basics and examples

Presentation held at Elmia Subcontractor, 11.- 14. November 2014, Jönköping
Aktive Werkstoffe im Automobil- und Flugzeugbau
: Pagel, Kenny

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2014, 23 Folien
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IWU ()
smart materials; piezoceramics; shape memory alloys; magnetorheological fluids; electroactive polymers; smart structures

The application of smart materials in highly integrated mechatronic components, such as precision positioning systems, is technically more advanced and only in a few cases employed in industrial applications. Appropriate smart materials include piezo ceramics, shape memory alloys or electromagnetically activated fluids and polymers. The presentation gives an overview of these materials, their physical working principle and certain aspects of their multifunctional character. One application example of each of these materials will further show their potential but also limitations considering their applicability.