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Electrochemical generation of hydrogenated graphene flakes

: Zhao, M.; Guo, X.-Y.; Ambacher, O.; Nebel, C.E.; Hoffmann, R.


Carbon 83 (2015), S.128-135
ISSN: 0008-6223
Fraunhofer IAF ()

A cathodic electrochemical method for the exfoliation of graphite to produce hydrogenated graphenic flakes is introduced. The resulting solutions consist of micrometer-sized and predominantly 1-4 layers thick hydrogenated graphenic flakes. In contrast to oxygenation, chemisorption of hydrogen avoids the formation of structural vacancy defects in the exfoliated flakes. Thermal desorption of hydrogen therefore results in graphenic flakes with a low defect density and consequently good electrical conductivity. Cathodic electrochemical exfoliation offers a remarkably simple and effective technique for the production of high quality graphene flakes and their hydrogenated relatives.