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Tore. A framework for systematic requirements development in information systems

: Adam, Sebastian; Riegel, Norman; Doerr, Joerg

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Requirements Engineering Magazine. Online journal (2014), Nr.4
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Fraunhofer IESE ()
TORE; requirements elicitation; requirements engineering; requirements specification; process; mental model

When engineering requirements, many requirements professionals are challenged not only by the question of how to elicit or specify requirements, but additionally by knowing which requirements types they have to elaborate and describe, and to what degree of detail, in order to achieve a consistent and complete specification. To provide a solution to this challenge, a mental model is needed that may serve to guide practitioners conceptually during a requirements engineering process. In this paper, we introduce the task-oriented requirements engineering framework (TORE) which aims to provide such guidance. Experience from practical application highlights its benefits and limitations when using it in industrial scale software development projects.