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11th International Symposium on Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments (ISMTII)

: Schmitt, Robert; Bosse, H.


Measurement Science and Technology 25 (2014), Nr.6, Art. 060301, 2 S.
ISSN: 0957-0233
International Symposium on Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments (ISMTII) <11, 2013, Aachen>
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
Fraunhofer IPT ()

This special feature of Measurement Science and Technology contains a selection of contributions from the 11th ISMTII symposium (International Symposium on Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments) which was held for the first time in Germany, in the city of Aachen, and which was entitled 'Metrology—Master Global Challenges'.
Megatrends describe emerging trends that will affect our life, our society and the way in which we will create value in the future. These trends will last for more than just a couple of years. The 11th ISMTII proved that metrology plays an important role in tackling these global challenges. Measurement technology is a reliable source of objective data and thus enables, for example, the industrialization of manufacturing processes, improves the production towards zero defect manufacturing even for individual small batch production and helps to estimate a patient's risk for minimally invasive surgery. The symposium session topics are related to some of the global challenges such as globalization, information and communication, energy and health.
The symposium offered a great chance to discuss the international state-of-the-art regarding measurement technology and its contribution to mastering global challenges. Furthermore, the contiguous industrial exhibition supported a connection between research and application. We would like to thank the German Research Foundation for its financial support of the scientific symposium and the International Committee on Measurements and Instrumentation (ICMI) for supporting the organization that allowed us to have this symposium in Germany.