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A novel technology for natural gas conversion by means of integrated oxidative coupling and dry reforming of methane

: Thybaut, Joris; Marin, Guy; Mirodatos, Claude; Schuurman, Yves; Veen, Andre van; Sadykov, Vladislav; Pennemann, Helmut; Bellinghausen, Rainer; Mleczko, Leslaw


Chemie- Ingenieur- Technik 86 (2014), Nr.11, S.1855-1870
ISSN: 0009-286X
ISSN: 1522-2640
Fraunhofer ICT-IMM ()
methane; Oxidative Coupling; process intensification; reforming; Katalyse; Reformieren; Reaktionsführung

A novel process concept for the oxidative coupling of methane followed by the oligomerization to liquids has been developed within the frame of the EU integrated project OCMOL. This technology is based on process intensification principles via cutting-edge structured microreactor technology. It is also a fully integrated industrial process through the re-use and the recycling of by-products, in particular CO2, at every process stage. The focus of this contribution is on the reaction engineering aspects of the core steps, i.e., catalysts, kinetics and reactor design for the methane coupling and reforming.