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Modular Production System for Microtechnology

Modulares Fertigungssystem für die Mikrotechnik
: Walk, H.; Bader, U.

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International -SEMI-, San Jose/Calif.:
MST/MEMS/Micro-Machining Technology: Infrastructure and Commercialization Conference : 7th International Symposium on Microsystems. Technical programs for the semiconductor and flat panel display equipment and materials industries, April, 4, 2000, Munich, Germany
Moutain View, Calif.: SEMI, 2000
International Symposium on Microsystems <7, 2000, Munich>
European Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (SEMICON Europa) <2000, München>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
cluster tool; Modularität; modularity; Standardisierung; standardization; open software concept; interface; Mikrotechnik; Fertigungssystem; simulation; Schnittstelle

Microtechnology is a key technology with a huge innovative potential. As there are still deficits to fill within device technology at the moment, a modular production system has been developed and realized within the scope of the industrial BMBF-cooperation-project PROZESS 2000. This article outlines the structure of an open modular software architecture. It also shows the impact of standardization solutions on combination cluster modules made by various manufacturers and the implementation of simulation technology in the development and realization of modular microtechnical production systems.