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Bauteil aus Beton und Gebäude

Building element made of concrete and building with this element
: Karlstetter, Christof; Klemm, Lars; Krus, Martin; Rösler, Doris

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DE 102013202042 A1: 20130207
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The component made of concrete and having a water discharge of less than 40 g/m 2>/ day after a drying time of 7 days, is claimed. The component has the water discharge of less than 35 g/m 2>/ day, 25 g/m 2>/ day or 15 g/m 2>/ day after a drying time of 84 days. The concrete has a water to cement ratio of less than 0.45, less than 0.40 or less than 0.35, and comprises sealing agent, hydrophobizing agent, foaming agent, air-entraining agents, water sucking aggregates and/or super-absorber.

An independent claim is included for a building.

USE: The component is useful as a prefabricated concrete part, in a building (all claimed) such as archive or depot building, and as precast concrete, cured concrete member and floor or ceiling lining for columns and pillars or exterior masonry in space-enclosing functions.

ADVANTAGE: The component has high strength and low moisture content that is released to the environment thus allowing manufacture of the building with less energy consumption, less effort and reduced usage of cultural goods and without using complicated heat drying equipment in a rapid and economical manner, and does not pollute the indoor environment in the building.

The figure shows a schematic view of a building. 2 : Thermal insulation 4 : Outer wall of building 5 : Support 11 : First side of inner shell 12 : Second side of inner shell.

Preferred Components: The concrete further comprises expanded clay, foamed glass, PVC fibers or PVC particles and/or polyanionic cellulosic (PAC)-fibers and/or PAC particles, a polymer dispersion of vinyl acetate and ethylene in water, and polycarboxylate ether-compound.