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Determining a Speed of a Multidimensional Motion in a Global Coordinate System

: Hadaschik, Niels; Kemeth, Ferdinand; Schäfer, Matthias; Grün, Thomas von der

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WO EP50965 : 20130118
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Embodiments relate to determining a speed (318; 11 18) of a multidimensional motion of an athlete in a global coordinate system (300) based on multidimensional acceleration data (320; 1102; 1112) from a multidimensional accelerometer (302; 1202) placed at a translatory and/or rotatably movable limb (304; 1200) of the athlete, the limb defining a local coordinate system (306). Based on the multidimensional acceleration data (1102; 1112), at least one correction quantity (314) may be determined taking into account a rotation of the local coordinate system (306) relative to the global coordinate system (300) during the multidimensional motion. The speed (318; 1118) of the multidimensional motion may be determined based on an integration of the multidimensional acceleration data (320; 1102; 1112) and in consideration of the at least one correction quantity (314).