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Optical sensor arrangement and method for measuring an observable

: Heidrich, Helmut

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EP 0193697 : 20121121
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The application relates to an optical sensor arrangement (1; 100) for measuring an observable. The arrangement comprising a light generation circuit (2; 102) for generating a first and a second light component; an optical resonance circuit (3; 103) including at least a first optical resonator (34; 134) having a first optical length and a drop port (37; 137), where the first optical length is variable depending on the observable; an optical coupler (4) coupled to the optical resonance circuit, where the drop port of the first optical resonator is coupled to the optical coupler and the coupler is configured for superposing the first and second light components; and a detector unit (5; 105) coupled to the optical coupler, receiving the superposed first and second light components and configured for outputting an output signal (150) representing a frequency difference between the first and second light components.