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Absaugvorrichtung sowie Verfahren zum Absaugen eines Partikelstromes

Suction apparatus for producing particle flow formed by abrasive removal of material from workpiece, has sensor unit that is directly connected to evaluation and control unit for generating control signals to control drive unit
: Schneider, Marco; Birenbaum, Christoph; Gebhardt, Andreas

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DE 102012023328 B3: 20121129
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The apparatus has a suction head (10) that is arranged next to the material removal tool (3) with a particle flow (P) facing suction port (11) on a spatially fixed axis of rotation (D). A guiding unit (4) is movably supported by a drive unit (6) about the axis of movement trajectory. A particle flow detecting sensor unit (12) is arranged in a suction space, for generating sensor signals. The sensor unit is directly or indirectly connected to an evaluation and control unit (13) for generating control signals for controlling the drive unit on the basis of the sensor signals. An independent claim is included for suction method for producing particle flow.