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Prüfsystem zur dynamischen und/oder zyklischen Belastungsprüfung einer Probe

: Melz, Tobias; Matthias, Michael; Hanselka, Holger

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DE 102012014893 A1: 20120727
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a test system for dynamically and/or cyclically load testing a material sample, a component, or an assembly, hereinafter referred to as sample. The test system is provided with a test frame, to which a bearing and a counter bearing are attached. At least one actuator consisting of a multifunctional solid state transducer material system is connected to the counter bearing, directly or indirectly, to which, also directly or indirectly, a fastening means is attached for one-sided detachable, firm fixation of the sample. Likewise, on the bearing side, a fastening means for one-sided detachable, firm fixation of the sample is provided such that the at least one actuator is able to introduce dynamic and/or cyclical mechanical loads into the sample, which act along a load path extending lengthwise between the bearing and the counter bearing and through the sample. The invention is characterized in that the test frame comprises at least two frame parts joined together into a capsular element, at least one first and one second frame part, wherein the first frame part encases the at least one actuator, at least in part, and which is connected to the at least one actuator by way of the counter bearing, and wherein the second frame part projects above the first frame part in a dome-like shape, and is provided with at least one recess oriented laterally to the load path, in which the bearing is mounted alongside the load path. On the capsular test frame, support means are attached, each resting on a bearing mounted to a support structure.