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Ausstoßvorrichtung zum Abheben eines Chips von einem Trägermaterial

Ejection device for lifting a chip from a support material
: Rießle, Markus

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DE 102012013370 A1: 20120704
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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US2014008017A An ejection device and a method for lifting a chip (2) from a carrier material (1) having at least one needle (4), wherein the needle (4) includes at least one cutting edge (7) for cutting through the carrier material (1). A mounting device for inserting and fixing at least one needle (4) in an ejection device for lifting a chip from a carrier material, having a plate for aligning the plane of the needle tips and a removable attachment that has a recess, wherein the removable attachment can be mounted on the ejection device in such a way that the recess serves to introduce the fixing material onto the needle ends. A method for fixing the needles in an ejection device is used, wherein the at least one needle to be fixed in the ejection device is melted in.