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Concept for Energy Efficient Reception of Payload Information in a Communication System

: Forster, Christian

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EP 12173366 A1: 20120625
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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EP2680522A1 Embodiments of the present invention provide a transmitter configured to transmit payload information via an OFDM signal so that predefined sub-carriers of the OFDM signal are modulated according to the payload information and at least a proper subset of the predefined sub-carriers is also modulated according to a content information related to a content of the payload information and dedicated for wake-up receivers of the payload information. Further embodiments, provide a mobile communication device configured to receive the OFDM signal. The mobile communication device comprises an OFDM receiver configured to receive the payload information via the OFDM signal in response to a wake-up signal, and a wake-up receiver is configured to receive the content information of the OFDM signal and to provide the wake-up signal for the OFDM receiver if the content information fulfills a predefined criteria.