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Apparatus and Method for Energizing a Transceiver tag

: Otto, Stephan; Nowak, Thorsten; Mayordomo, Iker

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WO EP53291 : 20120227
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A wireless location system for energizing and/or determining location information indicative of a location of at least one transceiver tag (2) of a plurality of transceiver tags distributed within a tracking area, the transceiver tags being operable to wirelessly transmit an identification signal when an energizing electromagnetic signal is present at the location of the transceiver tag, comprises at least one mobile energizer node (4) comprising a transmitter (24) operable to transmit the energizing electromagnetic signal for the at least one transceiver tag (2). The mobile energizer node (4) is mounted on a movable device (6). At least one receiver (10) is operable to receive the identification signal from the transceiver tags and at least one location evaluator (14) is operable to determine the location information using a location of the mobile energizing node (4) and/or a signal characteristic of the received identification signal of the at least one transceiver tag (2).