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Folie zur Rückseitenkontaktierung einer Solarzelle

Film for back contact of solar cell utilized for power production, has conductive diffractive optical structure comprising photonic crystal, where structure is arranged on flexible conductive substrate, which comprises metallization part
: Wehrspohn, Ralf B.; Üpping, Johannes

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DE 102011112696 A1: 20110831
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The film (1) has a conductive diffractive optical structure arranged on a flexible conductive substrate (2). The diffractive optical structure comprises a photonic crystal (3) e.g. two- or three-dimensional photonic crystal. The substrate comprises a supplementary metallization part. The photonic crystal comprises an inverted face centered cubic structure, an inverted hexagonal dense ball package, an inverted woodpile structure or an inverted opal. The photonic crystal comprises cavities, which are filled with transparent dielectric material with low refractive index, air or polymer balls. Independent claims are also included for the following: (1) a method for manufacturing a film (2) a method for manufacturing a solar cell.