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Bauteil mit Verschleißschutz- oder Antihaft-Folie sowie Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung

Component useful e.g. as radial shaft sealing ring, toothed belt, conveyor belt, rotor blade or plastic component, comprises a surface, on which partially a film with wear protection and/or anti-adhesion effect is applied
: Brand, Jochen; Thomas, Michael; Borries, Gerrit von

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DE 102011100025 A1: 20110429
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Component (4) comprises at least one surface, on which at least partially at least one film (1) with wear protection and/or anti-adhesion effect is applied, where the film at least on the side facing away from the component has a coating (2) of an amorphous, diamond-like carbon layer and/or a hard material layer. An independent claim is also included for producing the component, comprising coating the component facing away from the film by thin film technology, preferably physical vapor deposition or plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition.