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Polieren poroeser Werkstoffe mit Laserstrahlung

Method for producing high quality polished surfaces uses a laser pre-treatment to melt a set surface depth to remove pores.
: Wissenbach, K.; Willenborg, E.; Kiedrowski, T.

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DE 2003-10342748 A: 20030916
DE 2003-10342748 A: 20030916
DE 10342748 A1: 20050421
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Die Erfindung betrifft die Verwendung des Verfahrens nach Patentanmeldung Aktenzeichen 10228743.0-34 zum Polieren poroeser Werkstoffe.


DE 10342748 A UPAB: 20050524 NOVELTY - A method for producing a high quality surface finish, e.g. on metals, has a laser pre-treatment to remove pores and inclusions and leaving a surface suitable for conventional mechanical or electrochemical polishing. The laser treatment melts the material to a depth of at most 100 microns using continuous pulse or pulse duration of at least 100 micro seconds. The process is especially suited to metal injection mouldings or fine castings. USE - Pharmaceutical and foodstuff equipment. ADVANTAGE - Produces high quality surfaces on porous materials.