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Mechatronisches System sowie dessen Verwendung

Mechatronic system, e.g. for machine and system construction, has at least one modifier layer of material with coefficient of thermal expansion between those of metal and ceramic arranged between ceramic substrate and metallic surface.
: Schaefer, W.; Burgard, M.

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DE 2003-10348336 A: 20031017
DE 2003-10348336 A: 20031017
DE 10348336 A1: 20050525
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein mechatronisches System, enthaltend ein mit Leiterbahnen versehenes keramisches Substrat sowie elektronische und/oder mikrosystemtechnische Komponenten, die auf einer metallischen Oberflaeche integriert sind.


DE 10348336 A UPAB: 20050712 NOVELTY - The system has a ceramic substrate (1) in which electronic or microsystems technology components, conducting tracks and/or micro channels are integrated and at least one metallic surface (2), whereby at least one modifier layer (3) of a material with a coefficient of thermal expansion between the metal and ceramic is arranged between the ceramic substrate and the metallic surface. USE - For machine and system construction, the auto industry, air and space travel, the consumer goods industry, medical technology and communications technology (claimed), for use in gearboxes, ball and roller bearings, pumps, industrial robots, grippers, manipulation systems, electric motors and linear hydraulic and pneumatic units (claimed) ADVANTAGE - Enables the integration of electronic or microsystems components and conducting tracks in very small installation spaces.