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Windsystem fuer eine Orgel

Organ wind delivery system has an outlet valve in the wind box supply line whose cross section is regulated to maintain an essentially constant air pressure during playing.

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DE 202005004678 U: 20050323
DE 2005-202005004678 U: 20050323
DE 202005004678 U1: 20050630
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DE2005004678 U UPAB: 20050725 NOVELTY - Wind system for an organ comprises a blower (101) and a bellows (108), with a wind channel (102) linking the bellows to a wind box, which in turn supplies the organ pipes. An outlet valve (104) to the wind channel has a variable cross section and is controlled using a regulation arrangement (108, 109) so that the pressure in the wind system during playing of the organ is maintained at an essentially constant value by changing the outlet cross section of the outlet valve. USE - Organ wind delivery system. ADVANTAGE - The inventive system ensures that the wind pressure remains as stable as possible during playing, independent of the air requirement at any particular moment.