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Frontier Research: The European Challenge

High-Level Expert Group Report
: Harris, W.C.; Martin, B.; Bonaccorsi, A.; Flensted-Jensen, M.; Herlitschka, S.; Langer, J.M.; Neuvo, Y.; Nyiri, L.; Cambon-Thomsen, A.; Grammatikakis, G.; Kuhlmann, S.; Nauwelaers, C.; Nordlund, M.; Stephan, P.
: European Commission, Directorate-General for Research

Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the EU, 2005, 61 S.
Europäische Kommission: Dokumente EUR, 21619
ISBN: 92-894-9209-0
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This report focuses specifically on the assessment of different effects and benefits that will arise if the European Research Council is put in place and is successful in attracting the participation of teams of the highest level of excellence in Europe.
The report analyses these impacts and, through an analysis of existing data, provides a clear indication of the types of effects and benefits that may be expected, and their scientific and economic significance, taking account of the variety of R&D systems and the political and economic environments of different Member States. The report also considers the potential benefits that will be foregone if a European-level mechanism for supporting basic research is not established.