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Computer supported mobile work - the case of mobile information processing using MUMMY

: Windlinger, L.; Grimm, M.; Binda, G.; Hoffmann, T.

Balfanz, D.; Slavik, P.; Sporka, A.J.:
MoWeIT 2005, Mobile Work Employs IT. Proceedings : Mobile Computing Meets Knowledge Management
Prag, 2005
ISBN: 80-903198-0-7
Mobile Work Employs IT (MoWeIT) <2005, Prag>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
mobile assistance; mobile computing; knowledge management; process optimization; user test

In this paper we present the results of a case study where trials have been carried out with a prototype of the MUMMY system - a mobile information processing and knowledge management system. The trials were carried out in order to investigate the situated use of the system, to generate and validate requirements and to assess usability and usefulness of the system. In addition to a long list of requirements we noted, that the introduction of ultra mobile technology in the process affected some organisational aspects. The users we examined showed difficulties in adapting the technology because they were accustomed to use paper documents. We conclude that socio-technical systems theory is best suited to guide the change management in the introduction of computer supported mobile work because it focuses on the joint optimization of technical and organisational elements.