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Growth and doping of semipolar GaN grown on patterned sapphire substrates

: Scholz, F.; Meisch, T.; Caliebe, M.; Schörner, S.; Thonke, K.; Kirste, L.; Bauer, S.; Lazarev, S.; Baumbach, T.


Journal of Crystal Growth 405 (2014), S.97-101
ISSN: 0022-0248
Fraunhofer IAF ()
doping; metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy; nitrides; semiconducting III-V materials

In order to achieve large area semipolar GaN layers with high crystal quality,we have etched trenches into n-plane and r-plane sapphire wafers exposing c-plane-like side-walls, from which GaN stripes can be grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy mainly in c-direction, forming semipolar {1011} or {1122} surfaces after coalescence. Here, we describe how to improve such layers by optimizing the side- facet orientation and by including a SiN nanomask interlayer in situ into the growth process, eventually resulting in a basal plane stacking fault density below 5x10(3) cm(-1). Moreover, doping experiments have revealed a substantially lower Mg incorporation efficiency on the {1122} surface as compared to the c-plane,whereas Si does not show such differences.