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Optical properties of UV-transparent aluminum oxide / aluminum fluoride mixture films, prepared by plasma-ion assisted evaporation and ion beam sputtering

: Stenzel, Olaf; Wilbrandt, Steffen; Du, Shan; Franke, Christian; Kaiser, Norbert; Tünnermann, Andreas; Mende, Mathias; Ehlers, Henrik; Held, Mario

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Optical Materials Express 4 (2014), Nr.8, S.1696-1707
ISSN: 2159-3930
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IOF ()

Electron beam evaporation (without and with plasma assistance) as well as ion beam sputtering are used to prepare optical mixture coatings for applications in the ultraviolet spectral range. It is demonstrated that intermixing aluminum oxide/ aluminum fluoride materials by these physical vapor deposition techniques results in optical coatings with flexible refractive indices varying between 1.40 and 1.75 in the deep ultraviolet spectral region. At the same time, extinction coefficients vary between less than 1x10-4 and 2x10-3. For evaporated layers, at certain mixture ratios, mechanical stress appears to be close to zero.