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Competitive manufacturing in the 21st century

: Bauer, Wilhelm

Liewald, Mathias:
Effizient formen! : 13. und 14. Mai 2014, Fellbach
Frankfurt: MAT-INFO Werkstoff-Informationsgesellschaft, 2014
ISBN: 978-3-88355-400-6
International Conference New Developments in Sheet Metal Forming <2014, Fellbach>
International Conference New Developments in Hydroforming <8, 2014, Fellbach>
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Volatile markets and global and inter-industrial networks are creating a radically more dynamic market environment which calls considerably greater on-demand flexibility in resource deployment. Todays businesses have to respond to evolving trends. As well as increasing flexibility, this also means taking action in two further areas, namely increasing transformability and especially in Germany responding to demographic change. To achieve a positive influence on key performance indicators, organizational approaches to enterprise architecture should not be restricted to purely technical aspects but should instead put the focus firmly on employees. This is particularly important in light of the increasing networking and computerization of manufacturing and key business processes. This study examines initial design approaches in the areas of qualification, leadership and demography-resistant work architectures.