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How do LCD innovation differ: Specificities of low carbon technologies and energy systems

Paper presented at Globelics Seminar: Learning, Innovation and Low Carbon Development, Copenhagen, April 4-5, 2013
: Walz, Rainer

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2013, 22 S.
Seminar "Learning, Innovation and Low Carbon Development" <2013, Copenhagen>
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Innovations which foster both economic development in the South and a low carbon future have to account for the specificities of low carbon innovations. This paper ad-dresses different specificities, which might have an impact on the pattern of the innova-tion system for low carbon innovation. Some of these features are very specific to low carbon development (LCD) and similar innovations, others can also be seen at other innovations, and it is the extent and combination with each other which make them a specific feature of LCD. Furthermore, low carbon innovations comprise very different technological fields, and some of the specificities are not valid for all of these technolo-gical fields, but only for the - however extremely important - part of electricity supply technologies.
The following aspects are covered:
- Techno-economic specificities of energy and low carbon technologies,
- aspects of Co-evolution,
- high importance of regulation
- structure of actors and ownership, and political economy
- The "energy efficiency paradox" and low speed of adapting routines.
The paper intends to give input into a lively discussion - thus it is not worded in a for-mal "journal ready" mode with fixed conclusions, but reassembles more my reflections about the experiences I have gained over more than 20 years in energy and sustainability research.