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High performance of machining processes by applying adaptronic systems

Hochleistungsbearbeitung durch Anwendung adaptronischer Werkzeuge
: Drossel, Welf-Guntram; Bucht, Andre; Hochmuth, Carsten; Schubert, Andreas; Stoll, Andrea; Schneider, J.; Schneider, Rene

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Procedia CIRP 14 (2014), S.500-505
ISSN: 2212-8271
Conference on High Performance Cutting (HPC) <6, 2014, Berkeley/Calif.>
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IWU ()
adaptronic form honing; adaptive spindle support; ultrasonic assisted machining; hybrid processes

Manufacturing processes are constantly facing the demand for higher efficiency regarding time, costs and resource consumption. In addition, challenges arise from the use of new materials and stricter requirements concerning the efficiency of the final product in use. Besides the economic perspective of realizing a highly efficient production and sustainable products, a new level of standards is set by politics and industry. To meet these demands, it may no longer to suffice to improve processes by optimizing process parameters. Instead, advanced machine and tool concepts will be necessary and therefore have to be developed. An innovative approach to enhance the cutting process is the integration of adaptronic systems. This integration can happen at different levels, from no close loop to using additional feed drives and in the cutting tool or in the machine. The paper presents examples from research at Fraunhofer IWU for the application of adaptronic systems in machining processes, such as ultrasonic assisted machining, adaptronic form honing and adaptive spindle support for precision finishing of cylinder bores. Properties of the actuators and the adaptronic systems are described and the effects on both, the efficiency of the machining process and the final product performance, are discussed.