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Radiometric active indoor imaging in the W-band

: Canavero, M.; Murk, A.; Mätzler, C.; Nötel, D.; Huck, J.


Journal of infrared, millimeter, and terahertz waves 35 (2014), Nr.2, S.218-241
ISSN: 1866-6892
ISSN: 1866-6906
Fraunhofer FHR ()

Millimeter wave passive imaging systems constitute a good compromise between resolution and penetration depth for a variety of imaging applications. In an outdoor scenario, the cold sky radiation, interacting with the reflectivity characteristics of the targets, constitutes the main source of contrast in the acquired images. In indoor applications such a source is not available, and higher thermal sensitivity is required. Alternatively, one has to provide an artificial illumination to the scene in order to increase its dynamic range. The implementation of an active source for a passive radiometer can, under certain conditions, increase the contrast of the images acquired and add extra information to the measurement. With such a setup, outdoor systems can be used for indoor observations (the absence of cold sky radiation is compensated with active illumination). The subject of our study is to better understand which kind of source and which setup can provide a diffuse illumination over the targets. This topic was investigated by conducting observations of various indoor scenes with two radiometers in the W-Band, using noise and continuous wave (CW) sources as illumination. In this paper we present the results achieved and our conclusions in order to provide an efficient illumination for indoor environment.