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Electropolymers for (nano-)imprinted biomimetic biosensors

: Yarman, A.; Turner, A.P.F.; Scheller, F.W.


Honeychurch, K.C.:
Nanosensors for chemical and biological applications : Sensing with nanotubes, nanowires and nanoparticles
Amsterdam: Woodhead Publishing, 2014 (Woodhead publishing series in eletronic and optical materials 61)
ISBN: 978-0-85709-660-9
ISBN: 978-0-85709-672-2
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Synthetic functional and cross-linking monomers may be electropolymerised in the presence of the target analyte to create polymers that mimic the active sites of biopolymers, e.g. antibodies, enzymes or nucleic acids. In a biomimetic sensor the molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) must be in close proximity to the surface of the signal-generating electrode. By using electropolymerisation, thin MIP films can be obtained directly on the surface of the transducer. Integration of nanomaterials into the sensing layer has several advantages, such as increase of the surface area, mass transport and conductivity. These materials also provide a foundation for the electrochemical preparation of catalytically active MIPs.