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Investigation of the fracture behavior of tungsten at the micro scale

: Schmitt, N.J.; Bohnert, C.; Eberl, C.; Schwaiger, R.; Weygand, S.M.; Kraft, O.

Yu, S. ; Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics -CSTAM-, Beijing:
13th International Conference on Fracture, ICF 2013. Proceedings. CD-ROM : June 16–21, 2013, Beijing, China
Beijing, 2013
International Conference on Fracture (ICF) <13, 2013, Beijing>
Fraunhofer IWM ()

Tungsten promises great potential in very high temperature applications due to its very high melting point. Yet its brittleness, far above room temperature, limits its application. Investigations have already shown that fracture toughness of polycrystalline tungsten strongly depends on microstructural characteristics like grain size and shape, and texture. To gain a better insight into the basic mechanisms, fracture toughness experiments are carried out at the micro-scale. First experiments focus on the influence of the crystal orientation with respect to cracking. Here, we report on micro bending tests on free standing, notched, single crystal micro cantilevers. With respect to the {110}<110> crack system, the beam axis was normal to the {110} crystal plane.