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Anwendungen hydrophober Oberflächenmodifikationen in der Mikrosystemtechnik

Applications of hydrophobic surface modifications in microsystem technology
: Georgi, L. von; Kahle, R.; Lang, K.-D.; Bauer, J.; Braun, T.; Becker, K.-F.; Jung, E.

Galvanotechnik 104 (2013), Nr.9, S.1864-1872
ISSN: 0016-4232
Fraunhofer IZM ()

In this report, the principles and processes involved in surface modification to create hydrophobic/ hydrophilic surfaces for use in microsystems are set out. Two examples are used to illustrate this, the first being contactless placing of small microelectronic components and the second being the manipulation of reagent-containing water droplets for rapid micro-diagnosis.