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Human activity recognition by separating style and content

: Cheema, Muhammad Shahzad; Eweiwi, Abdalrahman; Bauckhage, Christian


Pattern recognition letters 50 (2014), S.130-138
ISSN: 0167-8655
Fraunhofer IAIS ()

Studies in psychophysics suggest that people tend to perform different actions in their own style. This article deals with the problem of recognizing human actions and the underlying execution styles (actors) in videos. We present a hierarchical approach that is based on conventional action recognition and asymmetrical bilinear modeling. In particular, we employ bilinear factorization on the tensorial representation of the action videos to characterize styles of performing different actions. Our approach is solely based on the dynamics of the underlying activity. The model is evaluated on the IXMAS and the Berkeley-MHAD data sets using different modalities based on optical motion capture, Kinect depth videos, and 3D motion history volumes. In each case high recognition accuracy is achieved in comparison to the symmetric bilinear modeling and the Nearest Neighbor classification.