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Meter placement for low voltage system state estimation with distributed generation

: Abdel-Majeed, A.; Tenbohlen, S.; Schöllhorn, D.; Braun, M.


22nd International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution, CIRED 2013. USB-Stick : 10-13 June 2013, Stockholm
London: IET, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-84919-732-8 (USB-Stick)
Paper 0640, 4 S.
International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution (CIRED) <22, 2013, Stockholm>
Fraunhofer IWES ()

Accurate and reliable state estimation is the core stone for flexible operation and control of active smart grids. Through the current expansion of integrating DG units in low voltage networks, the network operation is becoming more complex than before. However, real-time monitoring and control through state estimation is a routine task for the transmission system operators (TSO's) due to the availability of measurement data. The distribution system operators (DSO's) are trying to extend their monitoring and control for medium and low voltage network in order to enable smart grid applications. With the current rollout of smart meters, which are considered as a key component of future smart grids, there would be enough metering data in the distribution networks (voltage, current, active and reactive power consumption and generation) available at every customer connection point. This paper aims to develop a method to solve the problem of meter placement for low voltage sy stem state estimation through deciding which measurement data from the installed smart meters should be considered in the state estimation algorithms in order to improve on the uncertainty of the estimated voltage and its phase angle at every node in the network.