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Chatter frequencies of micromilling processes: Influencing factors and online detection via piezoactuators

: Shi, Yuhui; Mahr, Frederik; Wagner, Utz von; Uhlmann, Eckart


International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 56 (2012), S.10-16
ISSN: 0890-6955
Fraunhofer IPK ()
chatter frequency; micromilling; clamping condition; process damping; piezoactuator; online chatter detection

The chatter frequencies in micromilling operations are affected by various structural factors and cutting conditions. In this paper the influences of damping properties, clamping conditions, and the shank length of microend mills are investigated by experiments and analytical solutions. As is well-known, it is challenging to experimentally identify the tool tip dynamics of a micromilling system and thus to predict the chatter stability. This paper presents a new measuring method for online chatter detection. Using external excitations via piezoelectric actuators, chatter frequencies can be identified with an axial depth of cut lower than the actual stability boundary.