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Precise Semantics of Integrated Modeling Languages by Formal Metamodeling

: Geisler, R.; Klar, M.; Mann, S.

5th Conference on Integrated Design and Process Technology, IDPT 2000. Proceedings
Dallas, Tex., 2000
World Conference on Integrated Design and Process Technology (IDPT) <5, 2000, Dallas/Tex.>
Fraunhofer ISST ()
object-orientation; metamodeling; semantics; modeling language; object-Z; UML

We present a general concept for the precise definition of the semantics of multiple view languages by formal metamodeling. The presented metamodeling methodology is based on a formal metalanguage. It allows the description of all relevant aspects for the definition of individual modeling language (syntax, static semantics, and dynamic semantics), but also their integration by precisely defining the relationships between the several languages. By extending the metamodeling technique, we bridge the gap between informal metamodeling techniques and formal denotational semantics approaches. The metamodel is strictly divided into syntactical (intensional) and semantical (extensional) entities. Based on this dichotomy, methodological issues of the integration task are discussed. The presented concepts were successfully applied to the integration of several modeling languages, such as Z and statecharts, object-oriented statecharts, and class diagrams, a constraint language and a programming language.