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ETCETERA - Evaluation of critical and emerging security technologies for the elaboration of a strategic research agenda. Final report

: Burbiel, Joachim

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Euskirchen: Fraunhofer INT, 2014, 56 S.
European Commission EC
FP7; 261512; ETCETERA
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The ETCETERA project is a contribution to efficient European security research planning. The project (completed in November 2013) took up the two-fold structure of topic SEC-2010.7.0-3 Critical and emerging technologies for security by dealing with the issues Critical Technologies and Emerging Technologies in two separate but interrelated research strands. Each strand was further divided into three Work Packages (WP), which were carried out in a sequential manner. Two Consultation Campaigns generated input from technical experts, end-users, and public authorities for both strands. While the division into the two strands is quite obvious, a further division is more subtile: two kinds of objectives have been pursued by the ETCETERA project. 1. On the one hand the delivery of the lists and plans called for in topic SEC-2010.7.0-3: A list of critical technologies and a plan to deal with these to allow 'non-dependence' for Europe and a list of emerging technologies and a plan to deal with these to set out high risk, high pay-off research priorities. 2. On the other hand the development and application of novel approaches and methods for the evaluation of Critical and Emerging Technologies and for strategic security research planning.