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Resistive circuit, circuit layout and driver

: Berberich, Sven E.; Wintrich, Arendt; Erlbacher, Tobias

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DE 102011055122 A: 20111108
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The circuit (2) has branches (6a-6c) connected in parallel between connection terminals (4a, 4b), and comprising ohmic resistors (Ra-Rc). Two of the branches are designed as automatically switching branches (8b, 8c). Automatically-switching limiting elements (9b, 9c) are connected in series to the resistors, and inhibit current flow for voltage above or below critical voltage (Ub) supplied to the switching branches. The switching branches have blocking elements (10b, 10c) connected in series to the resistors for inhibiting current flow opposite to a flow direction in the switching branches. An independent claim is also included for a switching arrangement comprising a resistive circuit and a transistor.