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Method for characterizing movable micro-mirror for projector used in e.g. digital camera, involves determining function parameters of micro-mirror by evaluating device, based on detected portions of test image of micro-mirror

: Specht, H.; Kurth, S.; Gessner, T.; Fiess, R.; Krayl, O.; Krueger, M.; Wiest, G.; Hilberath, T.

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DE 102010003080 A: 20100319
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The method involves generating the steerable and modulatable light beams (220) by a light beam generating unit (200). The test images (240) of a movable micro-mirror (210) are generated by deflecting the movable micro-mirror and by modulating the light beams directed towards the micro-mirror. The upper edge, lower edge, right edge and left edge of test image are detected by a surface sensor (250). The function parameters such as mechanical parameters and image quality parameters of micro-mirror are determined by an evaluating device (260), based on detected portions of test image. Independent claims are included for the following: (1) device for characterizing movable micro-mirror; and (2) computer program for characterizing movable micro-mirror.