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"NDcitylineiaks" system: Modular decentralized waste water disposal system for Nam Dinh City

: Erhardt, Bernd; Kasbohm, Jörn; Ngan, Le Duc; Lai, Le Thi; Wessel, Horst; Thi Hong, Nguyen; Kim Oanh, Le Thi; Minh Vu, Doanh; Schlüter, Stefan; Keuter, Volkmar; Steingrube, Wilhelm

Stolpe, H. ; Institut für Infrastruktur und Bauwesen, Arbeitsgruppe U+Ö Umwelttechnik und Ökologie im Bauwesen:
Method Handbook for IWRM in Vietnam on River Basin Level : Joint R&D Project IWRM-Vietnam, IWRM Research Vietnam
Bochum: Bochumer Universitätsverlag, 2013 (Texte zu Umwelttechnik + Ökologie im Bauwesen 9)
ISBN: 978-3-89966-549-9
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Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
Ressourcenmanagement; water technology; environmental protection

Within the framework of the joint R&D project IWRM Vietnam, this ontribution describes technical measures for an urban waste water disposal concept. A complex system for Nam Dinh in the Red River delta for future treatment of household waste water has been developed. The need for action becomes more apparent, taking into account the fact that the number of inhabitants in Nam Dinh is likely to grow from approximately 250,000 today to 950,000 inhabitants within the next 10 years. The developed NDcitylineiaks concept is based on modular trickling filters. While waste water treatment is to be carried out decentralized, treatment of sludge is to be carried out centrally, The consistent use of side products (e.g. service water, heat, gas, electricity) from the treatment of waste water an d sewage sludge should both facilitate the setup of new production sites and also generate a new source of income for the operators of the treatment plant. This should not only cover running operation costs, but may also refinance the investment. An overall high degree of sustainability is achieved. The necessary preliminary examinations have been combined in a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process.