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Conceptualization and realization of a framework for model-based, automatic user interface generation

: Tainta Ausejo, S.
: Nazari Shirehjini, A.A.

Darmstadt, 2005, 95 S.
Darmstadt, TU, Dipl.-Arb., 2005
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3D-user-interface; direct manipulation

The Personal Environment Controller (PECo) is a digital assistant system that provides the user with a unified facility for organizing as well as accessing the different media repositories at his disposal and direct manipulation of the physical environment (projectors, TV sets, hi-fi systems, Lights, shutters, etc.). To interact with the environment, PECo´s user interface is based on the 3D visualization of the room, allowing the user the intuitive selection of a device, basing his selection on the device position and orientation within the 3D model of the room. The main purpose of this thesis is the development and implementation of a system that can dynamically update this user interface, providing PECo with a model that describes the environment. It will be based on the UPnP architecture and the Ubisense system. UPnP allows us to perform the discovery and control of the available devices. Ubisense is a commercial indoor location system. They will inform us of the changes in the environment through some events that our system will receive and process to automatically generate the 3D user interface model.
The main application area are for PECo is AmI meeting rooms. Unfortunately, UPnP is oriented to the house automation. Consequently, a generic UPnP Presentation Architecture for AmI meeting rooms has been developped. This architecture introduces besides standard lighting devices also a UPnP design for complex projection settings, analog audio-video devices, shutter blinds and media repositories. Using this architecture, AmI developers benefit form UPnP device discovery as well as standardized access to devices and media repositories.