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CCIS impact on economy-wide innovation

: Wydra, Sven

Schramme, Annick (Ed.):
Beyond frames. Dynamics between the creative industries, knowledge institutions and the urban context
Delft: Euburon Academic Press, 2014
ISBN: 978-90-5972-884-4
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Cultural and Creative Industries ( CCis) are believed to play a crucial role for the whole national innovation system via knowledge creation and transfer throughout the economy. This paper analyses the impact of supply chain and network linkages with the CCis for innovation in other sectors.
This article sketches the role and potential impact channels of the CCis to innovation in the whole economy via a review of current literature. On this basis, a hypotheses is created, regarding the impact of supply-chain linkages between the CCis and innovation in user firms. Using data from the Mannheimer Innovation Panel (MIP) the impact of creative intensity (measured by inputs from the CCis by gross output) is calculated, on various innovation dimensions in user firms.
The results indicate that in overall intensive linkages with CCis are of high importance for innovation. However, the impact differs between various innovation dimensions. While the creative intensity does not lead to higher 'traditional' innovation activities, it has a positive impact on innovation output. In particular a high level of creative intensity has a positive impact on product and process innovations in the overall economy.