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Neurovascular pathophysiology in cerebral ischemia, dementia and the ageing brain - current trends in basic, translational and clinical research

: Boltze, Johannes; Kleinschnitz, Christoph; Reymann, Klaus G.; Reiser, Georg; Wagner, Daniel-Christoph; Kranz, Alexander; Michalski, Dominik

Postprint (PDF; )

Experimental & translational stroke medicine : ETSM 4 (2012), Art. 14, 7 S.
ISSN: 2040-7378
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Fraunhofer IZI ()
neuroprotection; neurorepair; cerebral ischemia; Alzheimer's disease; small vessel disease; vascular dementia; Mitochondria; astrogliosis; in vivo imaging; translational research

The 7th International Symposium on Neuroprotection and Neurorepair was held from May 2nd to May 5th, 2012 in Potsdam, Germany. The symposium, which directly continues the successful Magdeburg meeting series, attracted over 330 colleagues from 29 countries to discuss recent findings and advances in the field. The focus of the 2012 symposium was widened from stroke and traumatic brain injury to neurodegenerative diseases, notably dementia and more generally the ageing brain. Thereby, emphasis was given on neurovascular aspects of neurodegeneration and stroke including the blood-brain barrier, recent findings regarding the pathomechanism of Alzheimer's disease, and brain imaging approaches. In addition, neurobiochemical aspects of neuroprotection, the role of astrogliosis, the clinical progress of cell-based approaches as well as translational hurdles and opportunities were discussed in-depth. This review summarizes some of the most stimulating discussions and reports of the meeting.