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Visual management

Concept for the support of strategy, planning and control in real-time
: Spath, D.; Nostdal, R.; Göhring, M.


Kuhlin, B.:
The practical real-time enterprise : Facts and perspectives
Berlin: Springer, 2005
ISBN: 3-540-21995-1
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Real-time companies must cope more and more often with extremely anomalous situations and make exceptional decisions in the shortest periods of time in both the strategic and operational areas. As a result, the ability to transform information into negotiating power and speed of decision are decisive factors for success. This article describes how a center for visual management - also known as the "Business War Room" - effectively the nerve center of the company in the form of an electronic environment where people from different locations working together and concurrently using a multitude of information technologies, can make a significant contribution to management in real-time.