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Group User Interfaces and Multimedia Networking for Groupware

Tutorial Notes. Tutorial A
: Encarnacao, J.L.; Santos, A.
: IEEE Computer Society

Singapore, 1994
TENCON <10, 1994, Singapore>
Fraunhofer IGD ()

We focus on understanding the technology currently appearing for multimedia and groupware development. The course addresses the software design and implementation challenges that accompany multimedia groupware development. We give decision makers trade-offs and decision criteria for making decisions involving multimedia groupware systems. Also the course will provide an introduction to audio/video communication and compression, and groupware support current trends. An insight will be given in the technology used in networking, namely in what collaboration and multimedia are concerned. An introduction will be given considering past and current technology developments leading to nowadays multimedia systems and necessities. A set of trend lines is given exposing the near future in the multimedia field. Following we present several general techniques that can be found in most classes of groupware, such as social roles, registration mechnisms, comments and annotations. Also in this item we present techniques that can be used to understand and build multimedia multi-user interfaces, such as multiple personalised cursors, WYSIWIGS or floor-control techniques. The second block of concepts and techniques exposes multimedia networking issues. A taxonomy and motivation is given followed by a survey on transmission methods and policies. Compression techniques for audio and video are also explained here. After these the attendees should have learned about the techniques involved in multi-user interfaces, multimedia groupware, multimedia networking and multimedia compression. This will enable them to understand the examples given in the following item that deals with application areas and systems. This item is basically supported by video sequences supplied by major vendors and users, such as Bellcore, NTT, Olivetti, Boeing, IBM, Xerox, and several universities, such as University of Calgary, University of Delft, Pudue University, University of Loughborough, University of New South Wales, Toronto University, Technical University of Darmstadt, etc..