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Dynamic bearing capacity of ductile concrete plates under blast loading

: Stolz, A.; Fischer, K.; Roller, C.; Hauser, S.


International Journal of Impact Engineering 69 (2014), S.25-38
ISSN: 0734-743X
Fraunhofer EMI ()

For chosen infrastructural buildings, the occurrence of an intentional or accidental blast loading has to be considered. These infrastructures building components have to withstand the loading in order to avoid fatal debris ejection and to ensure the integrity and stability of the construction under such extraordinary loading situations. To ensure a sufficient resistance in a slender construction, advanced concrete based materials are known to have high protection potential (i.e. Roller 2013). This paper investigates systematically the bearing resistance of plate elements made of the ductile concrete DUCON® under blast loading conditions. Therefore, a series of shock tube tests has been conducted to investigate different configurations of ductile concrete plates with varying thickness and degree of reinforcement. Based on the results, a mathematical description of the resistance behavior of ductile concrete has been derived. Iso-damage curves are calculated using the derived resistance function in a Single-Degree-of-Freedom model. Applying similarity analysis for non-dimensionalized formulation enables the transfer of the experimental results to arbitrary (similar) plate dimensions. Results and findings of the paper are finally compared and discussed in relation to normal strength reinforced concrete.