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Developing carbon fiber reinforced component repair technologies by using optical metrology and CAD/CAM-technology

: Ellert, Florian; Westermann, Hans-Henrik; Steinhilper, Rolf

International Foundation for Production Research; Brazilian Association of Production Engineering -ABEPRO-:
Challenges for sustainable operations. 22nd International Conference on Production Research, ICPR 2013. CD-ROM : July 28th - August 1st, 2013, Iguassu Falls, Brazil
Iguassu Falls, 2013
ISBN: 978-85-88478-47-3
6 S.
International Conference on Production Research (ICPR) <22, 2013, Iguassu Falls>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
optische Messtechnik; Optical Measuring; CAD; CAM; Messen; faserverstärkter Kunststoff; Reparatur

Products made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) are typically characterized by enormous manufacturing costs resulting from their high manual work effort and the geometric individuality of the products. If the product is damaged, depending on the type of damage, the product may not be usable any longer, until it is repaired. The decision, which repair technique has to be applied, can be supported by a damage type classification model. Often components made of CFRP can be repaired by removing of the damaged area followed by a re-lamination. Therefore a defined preparation is necessary. The preparation of the damaged area using a combination of optical metrology and modern CAD/CAM-technologies provides innovative, reproducible, cost efficient and environmental friendly advantages. This paper shows an actual approach for the preparation with a special focus on digitization by optical metrology using a stripe light projection principle and the reverse-engineering process for CNC-milling operations.