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Area & perimeter surveillance in SAFEST using sensors and the Internet of Things

Paper presented at Interdisciplinaire sur la Securite Globale, WISG 2014, Troyes, 30-31 January 2014
: Baccelli, Emmanel; Bartl, Gabriel; Danilkina, Alexandra; Ebner, Veronika; Gendry, François; Guettier, Christophe; Hahm, Oliver; Kriegel, Ulrich; Hege, Gabriel; Palkow, Mark; Petersen, Hauke; Schmid, T.C.; Voisard, Agnès; Wählisch, Matthias; Ziegler, Hans

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2014, 7 S.
Workshop Interdisciplinaire sur la Sécurité Globale (WISG) <8, 2014, Troyes>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()

SAFEST is a project aiming to provide a comprehensive solution to ensure the safety and security of the general public and critical infrastructures. The approach of the project is to design a lightweight, distributed system suing heterogeneous, networked sensors, able to aggregate the input of a wide variety of signals (e.g; camera, PIR, radar, magnetic, seismic, acoustic). The project aims for a proof-of-concept demonstration focusing on a concrete scenario: crowd monitoring, area and perimeter surveillance in an airport, realized with a prototype of the system, which must thus be deployable and foldable overnight, and leverage autoconfiguration based on wireless communications and Internet of Things. This paper reviews the progress towards reaching this goal, which is planned for 2015.